2 comments on “Roots: The Saga of Me (and Baked Marinara Chicken)

  1. My girlfriend (who is half Black American and half Haitian) has sent in her saliva to be tested. I keep telling her she’s Igbo….

    Also, the food looks great. I love Italian American food (it’s that Jersey in me) in particular and I love cooking in general. I’m thinking of starting what my younger brother has dubbed the “Sopranos” diet: tea and toast for breakfast, sub for lunch (wheat with turkey breast, turkey pastrami, or chicken breast), and pasta for dinner (turkey pasta, low fat sauce, fresh onions, fresh tomatoes, lean meat).

    Also, code switching is something I clearly do on a regular basis too. I am developing a genuine synthesis that is all my own, however, and am becoming more acclimated to maintaining my Trenton/Jersey accent and speech patterns around folk from work AND saying “big” words around homies and homegirls I grew up.

    Last point: I have so much Flocka in my iTunes it’s not even funny.

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